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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why You Can Save Buying Laptop Battery

Once you have located the model number for your laptop, finding a replacement is as easy as entering that number into an internet search engine.  There are a number of different online retailers that offer original batteries, replacement units, and refurbished units.  Before purchasing any battery, make sure that this is a retailer with a good reputation for customer service and for providing quality products.  An original replacement battery from the manufacturer can cost a great deal of money.  Refurbished units are much less expensive but are prone to the same problems as the battery you are replacing.

There is also the option to upgrade your battery.  Typically, the more cells in a battery the longer it will last between charges.  If you are upgrading from a six cell battery to a nine cell battery you will likely see a marked improvement in the battery’s ability to hold a charge.  Third party retailers often can provide upgraded batteries at prices much cheaper than you would pay if you purchased an exact replacement model from the manufacturer.  This means that you cannot only improve your laptop computers performance, but you can do it at a substantial savings over the price of purchasing a battery from a traditional big box retailer or from the computer manufacturer.