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Monday, September 20, 2010

Auto/Air Laptop Adapters for the Person on the Go

Busy professionals usually rely on their laptop computers for all of their daily information and activities, and it is important that their laptops be available at all times. This can mean when they are traveling in a car, or even when they are thousands of feet in the air on an airplane bound for some distant destination. In order to make a portable computer the ultimate in traveling convenience, laptop manufacturers offer an adapter that can be used in a car or on an airplane to help keep your laptop functioning at full power when you need it the most.

Using Laptop in a car

Whether someone is a business professional, a medical professional that travels the world, or a writer out trying to capture their experiences for their next project, there are many people in the world that need their laptops to be operating at full capacity at all times. A drained laptop battery can mean lower computing power, and for many mobile professionals this is simply not an option. To help solve this problem, laptop manufacturers devised a power adapter that can work in an auto and on an airplane to help the professional keep computing under any conditions. These auto/air laptop adapters offer two separate connections that can be used depending on where the user is at the moment. One connection is to be used in a standard car cigarette lighter, and the other is designed to be used in an airplane data port. Both ports allow the laptop computer to be powered at all times and keep the mobile professional in touch with the world and the information that they need.

Using Laptop in a airplane

Over the years, laptop computing technology has changed and in some cases the auto/air laptop adapter had to also change with that technology. When laptop computers were first introduced it was sufficient to have a 75 Watt power interface on an airplane to power a laptop. But as the processors got more powerful, the power draw on a laptop also increased and caused the 75 Watt power connection on an airplane to cause issues when powering a new laptop. Be sure that prior to purchasing an auto/air laptop adapter that it is designed to power newer laptops using the existing 75 Watt power limitations on airplanes, or else you will find that your auto/air laptop adapter cannot keep up with your laptop’s power.

Car laptop adapter

When you are looking to get an auto/air laptop adapter to allow your laptop to be powered no matter where you are, it is helpful to make sure that your travel arrangements will accommodate your laptop’s power needs. Prior to booking a flight on an airline, all you need to do is to call them and ask what power they offer to laptop computers on their planes. Every airline will be able to supply you with their power specifications, and from there you can choose the right airline for your auto/air laptop adapter.

The need for a professional to remain as mobile as possible has become more intense in the last several years, and the new and more powerful laptop computers are trying to keep up with the needs of the professional on the go. It is important when purchasing an auto/air laptop adapter that you understand the conditions needed in order for the adapter to work properly, and then when you make your travel arrangements it is important to be certain that you are using companies that offer the power requirements you need for your auto/air laptop adapter to be effective.

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